Hypnosis: A Good or Bad Gift?


   A lot of people are inquiring if the HALF OFF HYPNOSIS SESSIONS that can be purchased through THE WPKO SHOPPING SHOW would make a good present for a loved one or friend. 

My response is to ask yourself these following questions:

  • Has your friend or loved one shown interest in trying hypnosis or has used hypnosis before?
  • Do they tend to gravitate towards or shown interest in natural healing modalities?
  • From the conversations you have shared, would you say in your opinion they have more desire for change then resistance?


I think you have to exercise common sense; you definitely would not want to purchase a hypnosis session for someone to lose weight or to address another issue, that they have not shown interest in addressing but if you answered is yes to most of the above questions, I would say YES! This would make an excellent gift for your loved one or friend.

One session is a great way for your friend or love one (even YOU) to experience the benefits of hypnosis before making a more significant investment of time and money. Not to mention, what a unique and loving way to say, I support you!

The WPKO SHOPPING SHOW gift certificates are only good for one per person, per six months, and does not include the smoking cessation program.