Single self-improvement hypnosis sessions can bring on huge positive changes in a person’s life. I have seen people give up soda pop, sweets and make truly shocking life changes from just one session. It is also a good way for a newbie that doesn’t know what to expect in a hypnosis session, to test the waters and see if hypnosis will work for them.

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Know that more times than not, re-enforcement will be needed to get the success desired. Especially when it comes to making huge diet changes.

For example, I typically recommend weight loss clients to join the program (four to eight sessions) to achieve permanent success in their weight loss goals. The reason for this is because we spend our whole lives creating our food habits and we are dependent on food to survive. So, typically more support is needed than releasing cigarettes or stress because we are not dependent on them psychically and can survive without them.

The Brinkman Hypnosis Solution’s Self Improvement Programs offer that extra support. Each session is personalized to the client’s unique needs, and includes hypnosis audios – helping clients get to the root of the matter and break- free of old habits that are weighing them down.

Brinkman Hypnosis Solutions has a wide variety of life changing programs available.

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