What is needed for the Smoking Cessation Program?

The Brinkman Hypnosis Solutions Smoking Cessation Program is pain-free, drug-free way of driving home your own desire to quit smoking in just one session. To make sure that you will be most successful during your session, here is what is needed to be considered for the Smoking Cessation Program.

1. You have to truly desire to quit smoking.
As thoughtful as it is to quit for your loved ones, this is a decision you are making for yourself. If you are trying to do this for someone else, it may not line up with how much you still value smoking and you will not do as well unless you adjust your thinking. You must truly desire to rid yourself of this habit to be successful.

2. You have to be positive, receptive and honest.
At Brinkman Hypnosis Solutions, you can trust that your goal of quitting is also the goals of your hypnotist. Come to this session ready to change and honest about your reasons and concerns so they can be alleviated.


3.Understand hypnosis is not magic but a tool and your success is dependent on you.
This is not just a visit from your fairy godmother to teleport you to the castle so you can live happily ever after. There will be work needed on your behalf. Arriving to your appointments (your ball) on time, listening to your mp3 recording nightly (the clock chiming midnight) and using the tools given and taught to you during the sessions (the glass slippers).

If you meet the requirements up above, I would love to get you started on the road to success! BOOK NOW!