Hypnosis to Quit Smoking


Hypnosis has proven time and time again to be the easiest modality to use to quit smoking cigarettes, but what is the best route to obtain long term success, one on one hypnosis sessions, or quit smoking hypnosis seminars?
The answer to this question lies in each individual’s relationship with cigarettes, and how much desire the smoker has to quit smoking permanently compared to resistance to quit. (See mindset chart below.)

“Everyone can be hypnotized, and reap the amazing benefits of hypnosis.” Certified hypnotist Geneva Brinkman adds passionately, “but a different process may be necessary, and that is okay. We are all unique in our own way.”
The most important for a smoker wanting to quit smoking cigarettes once and for all is to be completely honest with themselves, and Certified Hypnotist Geneva Brinkman during the screening process. This will ensure they receive the support needed and long-term success desired.
The release nicotine program is designed for one-on-one sessions that are customized to the client’s needs. During these sessions you’ll receive personalized care and support throughout your journey of quitting smoking cigarettes forever.
The Quit Smoking Seminars will be conducted locally in Bellefontaine, Ohio in small groups. This allows Certified Hypnotist Geneva Brinkman to provide the tools needed for long term success in a more personalized and relaxing environment.
For more information on what is the best route forward for you to obtain permanent success in quitting smoking cigarettes, set up a phone, zoom or in person consultation with Certified Hypnotist Geneva Brinkman.