Hypnosis for Weight loss made easy!


Imagine no longer feeling the urge to eat unhealthy foods or feeling the desire to comfort yourself through food…. This all may seem unimaginable to you but this is all possible through the use of hypnosis.

Hypnosis empowers individuals wanting to loose weight by updating the automatic thoughts in their mind that trigger food cravings.

Binge eating/emotional eating can be triggered by an event, certain feelings (stress, depression, anxiety, etc.) or a relationship. Food then becomes the crutch or the distraction from the root of the cause.

For success in weight loss, we must access these unconscious barriers in the mind and update them with healthier automatic thoughts that will give the long term desired results.

For example, let’s say Vicki Started a new diet. A couple weeks in she’s feels amazing, more energized and motivated than ever and is fitting better in her clothes. Then out of the blue, her hours at work are cut back causing an unexpected financial burden. Now she’s finding it harder to stay on track with her diet, she’s stopped counting calories, not working out and before she knows it she’s back to binge eating.

Why did this happen even though Vicki was so motivated the first couple weeks???

Through Vicki’s past behavior of repetitive use of binge eating to comfort herself, she has created what is known as a “habit pattern.”

A “habit pattern” is created through repetition, and over time they become the unconscious responses to our environment or stimuli.

In this case, Vicki has created an unhealthy habit pattern of stress eating that has prevented her from achieving her weight loss goal. Food has become Vicki’s unconscious response to stress.

These kind of habit patterns are the exact reason why a lot of people fail in their attempts at losing weight.

Deep in our unconscious mind we have formed strong ideas about unhealthy behaviors. In fact, over time we have trained our mind to believe that these bad habits are essential to our well being. Therefore, until we update these unconscious thoughts to our new found belief, these bad habits will make long term success very difficult.

Stress or emotional eating is just one example. There are many associations that we have developed that can negatively effect our relationship with food.

  • Eating food out of boredom.
  • Overeating sugary foods can be associated to celebrations and parties.
  • Unhealthy foods can be used as a reward.
  • Overeating distracts you from the fear of not being able to lose weight.
  • Food can be used to comfort ourselves during times of stress and sadness.

Ultimately,  achieving long term success in weight loss requires identifying the root cause and re-framing your automatic thought patterns to your newly desired thought patterns.  And this is exactly what hypnosis can help us achieve.

The first step on your weight loss journey through hypnosis at “Brinkman Hypnosis Solutions” is to schedule a phone or in person consult with Certified Hypnotist Geneva Brinkman. During this consult, she will ask you questions related to your weight loss, eating habits, and your desired outcome.

She will use this information to help her to start building a personalized plan for your unique needs.

During the live session you will go through a interview and be given a breakdown on how hypnosis works and what to expect. She will then guide you through what is called an induction, a process to relax the mind and body and enter into a state of hypnosis.

While you are in the highly suggestive state of hypnosis, she will give you suggestions, affirmations, and possibly even use visualization to update your undesired automatic reactions to your conscious desired reactions. Some positive suggestions that maybe used for a weight loss hypnosis session include:

  • Identifying & changing habit patterns.
  • Gaining access to the unconscious mind.
  • Re-framing your inner script.
  • Building confidence.
  • Visualizing success.
  • Developing new coping skills.
  • Desiring to make better food choices.
  • Overcoming fear.

Certified Hypnotist Geneva Brinkman will personalize the suggestions to your unique needs. For example, if you are a person that copes with stress by eating like Vicki (from the example above)  she might use suggestions to provide the subconscious with a new, more healthier way to cope with stress and/or to isolate the cravings and send them away.

Long term weight loss goals cannot be achieved through one hypnosis session. Repetition and a willingness to follow the guidance given will be needed but the time and effort needed will be a small price to pay for the amazing long term effects you will achieve.