50 Reasons to quit Smoking Cigarettes now.

Majority of long term cigarette smokers started smoking cigarettes in their younger years because they thought it made them look cooler, sexier and helped them to fit in, only to grow up and realize that isn’t so much the case.

If the health symptoms you are experiencing from smoking cigarettes and the Amazing Smoking Cessation Program holiday saleisn’t enough for you to be scream in joy that it’s time to break free from this nasty life debilitating habit, here is fifty more reasons.


  1. Significant lessor risk of getting lung and throat cancer.
  2. Younger looking skin & hair.
  3. less of a cough.
  4. No longer contaminate others with second hand smoke.
  5. A significant reduction in getting Bronchitis.
  6. Deeper sleep.
  7. Smell better.
  8. Cheaper life insurance.
  9. Less risk of hearing loss.
  10. No more yellow stained fingers and nails.
  11. Diminish risk to stomach cancer.
  12. More dating possibilities.
  13. Fewer headaches.
  14. Not having to take cigarette break.
  15. Stop causing genetic mutation every three cigarettes.
  16. No more ashtrays.
  17. More career options.
  18. Less wrinkles.
  19. No more worrying about when you will be able to have your next cigarette.
  20. No more late night trips to the store.
  21. Don’t have to buy lighters anymore.
  22. Breath better.
  23. More invitations to take road trips.
  24. Admired by family and friends for your strength to quit.
  25. No longer having to stand in the cold or undesired locations to get your nicotine fix.
  26. Extra cash for you to do more of what you love or to invest.
  27. Receive a deeper understanding of why you were expressing addictive behavior.
  28. A stronger immune system.
  29. Being able to taste food better.
  30. No more accidental burns in clothes or upholstery.
  31. No more nasty butts and ashes.
  32. Less chance of a house fire.
  33. Cleaner windows.
  34. One less thing to stress about.
  35. No more nagging from love ones to quit.
  36. Slower Heart rate.
  37. Sense of smell comes back.
  38. An end to inhaling 69 chemicals.
  39. Easier exercise.
  40. More Confidence.
  41. Longer life.
  42. Whiter teeth and lessor tooth decay.
  43. Save time.
  44. More energy.
  45. Reduced risk of a heart attack.
  46. To be healthier.
  47. Cleaner car.
  48. Make more friends.
  49. Less time off work due to sickness.
  50. Be a good example for your children and/or little ones in your family.

I hope this helps give you the desire you need to leave this nasty life debilitating habit behind now before it’s too late!

Geneva Brinkman C.M.H.